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Necklace Jawshan - Red Colour (Jawshanu'l-Kabeer)

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    -Technical information-

    • Outer Cover: Coated with Biala (Under Biala it is also covered with seven layers of nylon.)
    • Dimentions: Width: 3,5cm. Length: 4cm.
    • String: Parachute cord type, 2mm necklace string

    Note: Since it is covered with seven layers, you do not need to take it off when you enter the toilet and the bathroom.

    • 1- Surah Fatiha
    • 2- Ayatu'l-Kursi
    • 3- Surah Ikhlas
    • 4- Surah Falaq
    • 5- Surah Nas
    • 6- The verse of Evil Eye
    • 7- Dua of Sakina
    • 8- Salatu Sharif
    • 9- Jawshan
    • 10- Dua of Jawshan
    Colour options
    • Black
    • Red
    • Lilac
    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Tabac
    • Maroon
    • Green

    What is 'Jawshan' that gives this necklace its name?

    It is an extensive supplication, known as al-Jawshanu’l-Kabīr, that our Prophet (asm) made with numerous Names of Allah.

    Read an article on Jawshan here

    Read Jawshan online

    On Jawshan necklace

    In Islam, there are things such as reading the holy prayers, putting them on and blowing them on the patients and it is true.

    Believing that influence and healing is from Allah, there is no harm in carrying a ruqyah in which only the verse or the Names and attributes of Allah are written. (Sunanu’l-Darimi)

    According to the narration related from the grandfather of Amr ibn Shuayb (ra), the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:
    (…) “I take refuge in the complete words of Allah from the wrath and torment of Allah, the evil of His servants, the whispers of the Satans and their approaching to me.” In this case, nothing hurts him. Abdullah ibn Amr used to make his adolescent children to memorize this prayer. He used to write it on a piece of paper for little children who could not read and hang it around their necks. (Tirmidhi)

    Narrated from Imam Husayn and Imam Ali Radhiallahu ʿanhuma:
    “I heard from our Prophet (pbuh). One day he was going to Mount Uhud having worn his armour. It was very hot. Our beloved Prophet said:

    “I looked at the sky and prayed. The doors of the heavens were opened. Archangel Jabrail Alayhissalam luminously came addressing:

    “I brought you the peace, blessing and gift of Allah (swt).”

    I greeted His blessings in reverence. Jabrail (as) said:

    “Take off your shield; read this duaʿ (prayer). If you carry and read this, it provides a better protection and effect to you than a shield.”

    Prophet (saw) asked Jabrail (as):

    “Is the effect of this just for me? Does it also include my ummah?” Jabrail (as) answered:

    “O Messenger of Allah! This is a gift of Allah (swt) to you and your ummah. No one other than Allah (swt) knows the reward of this.”

    As it is understood from the hadiths, it is not a problem to wear Jawshan (including necklace types) by paying attention to our intention.

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    1- It is error free:

    The Qur’an with Tawafuq copies, handwritten by Ahmed Husrev and printed by Hayrât Publishing, are registered as error free by the authorities and sealed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey and Al-Azhar University of Egypt. In addition, after each new printing, every juz is re-checked by Hafizs.

    2- It is sealed:

    Our Holy Qur’an copies are sealed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs of Turkey and Al-Azhar University of Egypt.

    3- It’s been prepared without any commercial purpose:

    Since it was not intended for commercial purposes, it was not immediately printed as soon as it was handwritten. In order that the Muslims can learn and read easier, it has been worked on for ten years.

    4- It is the work of a half a century labour:

    With 40 years of handwriting and 10 years of preparation for printing, it is the result of a 50 years of work.

    5- The necessary reverence is showed to the Holy Qur’an in the printing process:

    The employees of our printing house do not work without ablution and show the necessary respect for the Holy Qur’an.

    The Qur’an copies had been printed on straw paper until our printing house was founded. For the first time Hayrat Publishing started publishing the Qur’an on high-grade paper which brought about a big change to printing Qur’an copies.

    Even the water used in the cleaning of the printing house is not sent to the sewage system because of the ink and tiny paper pieces that mix into the water. The water is mixed with soil in a separate area made by Hayrat Publishing.

    6- It is the easiest writing to read:

    It has become famous as the most easily learned and read Qur’an writing in the world.

    7- Its illumination (tazhib):

    Each of them is a wonder of art that gives visual pleasure.

    8- Its quality:

    It is the address of quality and durability with its thread stitching, high quality interlining and headband, as well as a durable cardboard cover and 1st class cloth binding.

    10- It is a leading company:

    Founded in 1985, Hayrat Publishing is the leading company in Turkey in terms of Qur’an printing. It has one of the world's biggest Qur’an printing house. In every region of Turkey it has marketers and thousands of selling points.

    Hayrat Publishing serves in a total area of 15,000 m2 in the headquarters in Istanbul and the printing house in Isparta, Turkey. It offers more than 700 types of product range to the benefit of the lovers of the Qur’an.

    Its export area covers all parts of the world, especially European countries. It is a permanent participant of biggest fairs in Turkey and abroad – especially Frankfurt and Cairo Book Fairs.

    In short, you have many advantages of dealing with a corporate company.

    Hayrat Publishing Introductory Film
    Hayrat Publishing Printing House at TRT Evening News
    Hayrat Publishing Printing House at TRT Evening News
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