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Qur’an Printing
  • Do you print Qur’an?

    Our printing house has all the necessary equipments for a quality and reliable printing. We can print on papers from 45gr to 300gr in our printing facility.

    Printing house employees are adept in their work and composed of a team that has captured the team spirit in a sense of brotherhood based on respect for the Qur’an.

    We see working in our printing house as a means of serving the Qur’an, so we show maximum respect and sensitivity. And necessary precautions are taken for the Qur’an. Our workers pay attention to have ablution during working hours.

    You can call the numbers below or send an email to bilgi@hayrat.com.tr for your Qur’an printing orders of 3,000 copies or more.

    +90530 148 63 81 (For English)

    +90537 386 33 11 (For Arabic)

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